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Last music sessions from Mrs Rivers

Enjoy some of your favourite songs from the year...

Last week in Year One!

We can't quite believe it's the last week of the school year. It's definitely been a year we won't forget. Parents, we want to firstly thank you all for all your support during the school year. We have LOVED teaching your children ! We know the last few months have not been easy and we really appreciate how supportive you've been. To the have been truly AMAZING and have worked so hard, whether it be in school or at home. To celebrate all the work you've done, we've attached a little certificate to print off and put up at home for super home learning. We thought it'd be really lovely if the children took some time to reflect on their school year and look forward to September and joining Year 2 (they grow up so quickly). We've attached a format for this, but you can be as creative as you'd like! We'd love to see what you write, so please send a photo of your work to us!! We'll still be contactable through email this week before the summer holidays start. We wish you all a safe and sunny summer and we really look forward to seeing the children and how much they've grown in September. Thank you, Miss Walker, Mrs Hayward and Mrs Lofthouse

This year's summer reading challenge will still be taking'll just be ONLINE!
This year's reading challenge from The Reading Agency will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. Children taking part in the challenge will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh and get stuck in to all different kinds of funny books!
CLICK HERE to find out more information about how to register for the challenge.
Here is the summer reading challenge website JOIN THE SILLY SQUAD
The digital Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge 2020 OnlineLaunch 5th June  - News :: Bradford Schools Online
WC 6.7.20 Music with Mrs Rivers

Enjoy another lesson with Mrs Rivers

We hope you are all still well. Hopefully some nicer weather will be coming this way for this week.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any support with home learning. 
We've done a few challenges around place value. Now can you be creative whilst practising your place value?
Collect nature items to use (see photo) for this chllenge. Try not to pick fresh flowers...have a hunt on the floor. 
An adult says a number to you and you have to create it. Adults, focus on numbers like 14 and 41, 20 and 12 to check place value understanding. Then can extend...'make the number 1/10 more/less than _____'. 
You can also count in 2s/5s/10s. Your creations will look beautiful. 

We have had an activity that looked at Vincent Van-Gogh and his famous painting of some sunflowers.
You recreated it using paints/pencils/crayons.
Now can you create your own artwork of a vase of flowers by using items you find in nature. Remember to always ask an adult first before you take something.
All you need is a piece of card/cardboard (have a look in your recycling box). Draw on your vase and then create holes for your objects to go through. They will look beautiful and individual!

We have spent over 100 days in lockdown. Iit seems like a very long time. 
At the end of Year 1, children should be working with numbers up to 100.
PLay this game that uses your place value knowledge to sequence numbers up to 100. If you want a challenge , click on 'ordering' as they're slightly trickier as they are any numbers (not sequential). If you  need extra support, use the hundred square below to help you.
sequencing and ordering numbers to 100

Can you remember which letters of the alphabet are vowels and which ones are consonants?
Watch this short video to remind yourself...vowels and consonants
Can you write out the alphabet and make the vowels stand up? Or adults, can you write out the alphabet and the children highlight the vowels?

Play this game wheer you have to sort the vowels and the consonants. You'll need to use your fine motor control to move the mouse carefully to sort the letters. sorting game
Practise writing the days of the week. Watch the video of THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR.  video for The Hungry Caterpillar
Can you remember what he ate on each day?
'On Monday he ate.....'
Don't forget to use a capital letter for the days of the week. 

WC 29.6.20 Mrs Rivers Music

Here is another music lesson to enjoy.

We hope everyone is ok and home learning is still going well. Don't forget we're here to help with any questions at all.
Keep going with White Rose Maths and lexia too.
MONDAY- geography
Have a look at the park map for Yorkshire Wildlife Park YWP map
Can you answer these questions? Think carefil about which way is left and which way is right.
Which animal lives below the giraffes?
What is left of the ostriches?
What's to the right of the anteaters?
Which animal is left of the shops?
Which animal is above the polar bears (project 2)?
Which animals is below the armadillo?
Were there any animals that you didn't know? Can you use the rest of the website to find out about them?
TUESDAY- phonics

Play  tricky word trucks on phonics play. The site is still free for everyone!
You will need to play with an adult to help know if you've said the tricky word correctly. You could even start from phase 2 and work your way up just to check you haven't forgotten the tricky words.
WEDNESDAY- science
Living and non-living
Start off by playing this memory game living non-living card game
Can you find the matching pairs and say if the object is living or non-living?
How do we know when something is living?
Watch this video to help you explain living things living and non-living video
A catchy song about living things song
Now you know what living and non-living things are, can you make a list of the things you spot when you go outside with your adult?
THURSDAY- english
Have a look at the story prompts picture below. Use a dice to decide what your story is going to be about.
Make sure you have your phonics mat and leading line handwriting sheet in front of you.
Remember to....
sit your writing on the line, use capital letters and full stops, use finger spaces, think about which letters are tall and which letters go underneath the line.
Can you include these sentence starters....
Once upon a time
After that
Just Then
We'll look forward to reading your stories!

We are goiong to use art to think about the four seasons.
Can you name the four seasons? What season are we in now?
Think about how a tree changes throughout the seasons.
Can you draw how a tree looks in spring, summer, autumn and winter? You can be as creative as you like and use any materials you have at home.
We hope you are safe and well. The weather this week is supposed to be beautiful!
We are still here to help if you have any questions with home leaning.
It's a fantastic book that uses colour to explore children's feelings.

Watch 'The Colour Monster' following this link and answer the questions at the end.

1. Your first challenge is to keep a feelings diary this week. Use the colours learnt in the book to help you express how you're feeling and why.
2. Can you design your own colour monster? You can use any materials you have at home. Can you even make your monster change colour to reflect how you are feeling? We will look forward to the pictures of your colour monsters!
3. Similies! Thinking about colours, can you complete these sentences. (e.g. As black as night)
As red as _______________
As green as ______________
As yellow as ________________
As blue as ________________
4. Can you write a few sentences describing your colour monster? Think about it's different body parts and it's appearance. Remember to use adjectives (describing words). For example, 'He has red pointy ears and long, green claws.' You can use your similies!
5 Can you find empty containers around your house (check recycling!) and go on a colour hunt. Can you make a happiness jar and fill it with yellow things you might find when you go for a walk? Remember to always go with an adult. It's up to you which colours you collect!

Extra science activity
Using a bucket/washing up bowl, fill in with water in the garden.
Then collect things, from inside and outside, that are ok to get wet. Estimate if they will float or sink and then place them in the water. Write a list to record your findings. Did you notice any patterns? Think about the shape of objects and the material of objects.

White Rose Maths Sheets WC 15.6.20

Here are this week's White Rose Maths Sheets. There are now 2 programmes. The ORIGINAL documents are lessons which have already been covered earlier on in lockdown. So if you have been completing WR maths throughout lockdown, you will already have done these. The second set of documents is an alternative set of work to complete, if you have already completed the ORIGINAL sheets. .


Answer from last week's tasks. The first image was a zoomed in woolen hat and the second was snow!
MONDAY- Phonics
Treasure hunt time! When you're out and about getting your exercise can you find the following things....
Something shiny / something yellow / something alive / 3 different colour leaves / a petal / a tiny snail / a smooth stone/ something spiky.
Can you then use your phonics to write out a list of the objects you found and draw pictures to match!?
TUESDAY- Writing
Can you write out the alphabet in list form? Then search around your house to find things that begin with each letter. As the weather is  (hopefully) going to be nice, you could take your list outside to find things too. Don't forget to use your phonics mat to help with your spelling.
Take a virtual look around london zoo LONDON ZOO LINK
Can you learn about an animal or two and write some facts about them?
Can you create a bizarre creature?
Draw the head of a creature, fold the paper, then someone else draws the body. Fold again and then someone else draws the legs. What have you created?

FRIDAY- Reading/Spelling
Can you write the common exception words on post-its or pieces of paper (maybe the ones you still need to learn)? Put them around your house/garden and read them every time you walk past or make a fun 'go and find' game with them!
Week beginning 8th June- Home Learning
Remember to keep going with Lexia and the White Rose Hub maths lessons!
We are available by email for all those children continuing their learning at home. Let us know if you need any help at all.
Before school closed, children received a list of the common excpetion words for year 1 in their red spelling books.
They need to be able to read and write those words before moving into year 2 so Monday's challenge is to continue to work on those words. If you can now read and write those words...WOW! Amazing! Well done! I've also included the year 2 words for you to start having a go at. 

This half-term we were going to begin looking at animals and how to classify them into 5 groups. 
To start your home learning, watch this video about the different groups to get more information classifying video
There's also videos on each group here bitesize videos
Once you've watched the videos, can you draw an animal that belongs in each group?
Have a look at this piece of artwork by Henri Rousseau. It's called 'Tiger in a tropical storm'.

Can you describe what you can see to your adult?
What do you think about this piece of artwork?
What do you think the tiger is doing?
CHALLENGE- draw 'what happens next'.
Before school closed, we would look at magnified images and try and guess what they are.

Picture one- zoomed in very closely and then zoomed out a little. Do you know what it is?

Picture two- zoomed in very closely and then zoomed out a little. Do you know what it is?
Answers will be given next week!
Did you know that polar bears and penguins don't meet in the wild? They live in separate places in the world.
Can you find out where they live?
Can you find out which animals a polar bear might meet and which animals a penguin might meet?
Jessica's prize!

Jessica took part in the 'veg rocks' competition and won a prize. Well done Jessica! We are all very proud of you!

Week beginning 1st June HOME LEARNING ACTIVITIES
We hope you've all been enjoying the sun last week whilst still keeping safe. The weather has been glorious!
As the weather has been so hot, it's important for the children to be 'sunsmart'.
Discuss this picture together about how the poeple are being 'sunsmart' then create a SUN SAFETY poster with all the ways to stay safe in the sun.

I've noticed so many pine cones on my walks! I thought wouldn't it be wonderful to get creative with a pine cone. Collect some on your next walk and see what you can make. Think about what skills you were using to make it! Can't wait to see some of your creations. Here's some ideas.
I have been writing some sentences about what I have done this week but they've becoming muddled! Oh no!
Can you put them in the right order? (adults, if you can write each word on a piece of paper so the children can physcally move them about that'd be great).

1. had     picnic.    I    yummy     a
2. dog      I     for      a      walk.     took    my
3. was     a     lolly     There     the    floor.    on

Extension- can you add an adjective (describing word) into sentences 2 and 3 like I used 'yummy' in sentence 1.
If you've got 'UNO'/ a pack of cards then brilliant you can use those but if not, can you make numbers cards 0-9?
This week's challenge is to work on your quick mental calculations.
GAME 1- cards facing down. You'll need 2 players. Pick up 2 cards and add them together. The player with the greatest total is the winner. Challenge yourself by picking up 3 cards.
GAME 2 (you'll need 2 5s and maybe a '10' card)- making 10! cards facing down. 2 players. player 1 picks up 2 cards, if they make 10 they get to keep the cards, if not they have to put the cards back and it's the next players go. Can you remember where the numbers are and work out which card you need when you pick up 1?
Alternative pronunciations . Part of 'Phase 5' in phonics is looking at alternative pronunciations of sounds. Click on this link to a resource about 'g' and how it can be a 'hard' g ( get) or a 'sfot' g (giant) hard g and soft g
You can also use 'phonics play'! Go to phase 5 and scroll down the phase 5b. You can play the chimp or acorn game and just select 'g' to focus on.
Jacob's tadpoles!

Wow...look at what Jacob has found on one of his walks...tadpoles! Check back here for more photos as they grow! Thanks for sharing Jacob.

Mrs Rivers Music Lesson - WC 18.5.20

Home learning this week!
White Rose Maths sheets WC 18.5.20

Here are this week's White Rose Maths sheets that follow on from the videos at

WEEKLY CHALLENGES! Week beginning 18th May!
Hope everyone is still safe and taking care. Remember you can do as much or as little as you'd like and can do the activities in any order. Let us know if you need help with anything at all at

Do you like building dens? Well IKEA have released some amazing fort designs. They name IKEA furniture but you can adapt to what you have. Have a look at the ideas at this website Which do you fancy making? Maybe you could make more than one? After you've made them, maybe you could enjoy a story inside! Don't forget to send us photos so we can see!

This half-term we would've been learning about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and focusing on his famous 'sunflower' painting. Watch this short introduction to his life
Then, if we were in school we'd be using pastels, using any media can you recreate his drawing of the sunflowers?
You can be as creative as you like!
Premium poster Sunflowers
In class we had mastered using 'and' as a conjunction and some of the children had even started to use other conjunctions such as 'but', 'because' and 'or'.
Can you finish these sentences so they make sense? Think carefully about the conjunction used. (don't forget capital letters and full stops)
I like to eat popcorn and________________________
I like walking in the rain but _____________________
My best friend is Sam because __________________
I would like a pink jumper or _____________________
We have looked at place value to 20 in class, using tens and ones to make numbers. Can the children apply the knowledge to numbers to 50? They may need some initial support as it's been a while since they encountered place value. Have a go at the games below. ( a little harder as no pictorial representation) 
Can you finish my simple story? How will the problem be solved?
"Once upon a time there was a little dog called Ralph who lived in a small cottage at the edge of a deep, dark forest. One day, he decided to go for a walk through the forest. Carefully, he tiptoed through a gap in the trees and saw a white rabbit. He began to chase the rabbit through the forest but it became darker and darker. Soon he was lost and didn't know how to get back to his cottage."
How might he find his cottage?
Does he meet anyone else?
What happens in the end?
Photos of weekly challenges starting 11th May
White Rose Maths Worksheets WC 11.5.20

Here are the Y1 worksheets that go with the maths videos on

Hello and welcome to a new week. We hope you had a lovely long weekend and that you enjoyed a little of the sunshine! This week we're having a plants theme week which fits with our science topic for this half term. This is a weekly overview and tasks can be completed in any order. Remember to email us on with your photos or comments. We love reading and seeing what you've been up to!
We miss you all very much!! Take Care xx

SCIENCE- Can you learn about the different parts of a tree? Can you draw  / make and label the different parts of a tree. Make sure you label the roots, trunk, branches, twigs and leaves. If you want a challenge you could try to find out what the different parts do!! 

ENGLISH - Last week you created a text map for Jack and the Beanstalk. This week can you write the story in your own words? Can you use the FIRST, NEXT, THEN, AFTERTHAT and FINALLY to start your sentences and make it more exciting? 

ART - On your next walk or in your garden, look at what plants and flowers you can see. Can you draw them using your observational skills? Look for the colour, the texture and the detail and see how much you can include. If you want a challenge, could you try to find out the names of the plants you have drawn? 

D&T - with our plant theme this week, can you m
ake a plant junk sculpture using any recycling or used containers / materials  that you have at home. I can't wait to see what you produce. 

PHONICS- using the phonics play website from last week (, play a game of 'Ob and Bob'. This is a sight reading game that we use in class to support the children's blending skills. Log on using the free code given, select phase 5, then Ob and Bob. There are many other games on here too which the children enjoy playing. Let us know if your child choses any other games to play.  



Here is this week's music lesson from Mrs Rivers... enjoy!
Photos of weekly challenges starting 4th May

Look at all the wonderful home learning that's been going on in Year 1 this week.

We will now be uploading a weekly set of challenges which you can complete in any order you'd like! We hope this will help give more choice and plan activities ahead. Remember to still complete LEXIA, read a book and complete WHITE ROSE MATHS HUB lessons.
We are still available on email and we will still be uploading photos of the work completed so the children can see each other and what they've been doing. Please do get in touch if you are unsure of anything, would like any help or just want to say hi!
Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to seeing what the children have been up to!
Can you spot these items on your daily walk? The number shows how many of each you need to find. Do you know what they are?
Remember to stay with your adult.

Design and make a plant junk sculpture using any recycling or used containers/ materials that you have at home. Can you remeber to include all the parts you learnt last week when you drew and labelled your plant?
In history we were going to look at a local hero....Pudsey Bear!
Can you draw a picture of Pudsey Bear and design a new eye patch for him? Can you use the internet to research Pudsey Bear and find out any facts about him?

Phonics challenge. We would have been looking at alternative pronunciations for 'a'.
The children know it makes a simple 'a' like in 'cat'. They also need to be aware that it can make an 'ai' sound like in angel or an 'o' sound like in wash (usually when the a follows w or qu).
Go onto 'phonicsplay' and login (with the free code you'll find there). Go to 'phase 5' on the left hand side. Scroll down to 'cheeky chimps' and 'acorn adventures'. Choose one to play and click on the 'a' (make sure you choose North). The children can then practise reading words with alternative pronunciations of 'a' and decide if it makes an 'a' 'ai' or 'o'. 
We would have been looking at versions of 'Jack and the beanstalk' for our class reader this half-term.
Here's a link to an online version to watch (or read the book if you have it)
After watching the story, can the children create their own story map (like the example) and retell the story. Can they use time openers ( First, then, after that, soon, next , finally).


Today we are going to look at sounds aw and oi. Practise applying these sounds using the game on the link below:

When you have played this, try to write 5 aw words and 5 oi words. You can challenge yourself by using these words to make sentences. Make sure you remember you correct punctuation.  
Natwest MoneySense Home Learning Resources

Attached below are resources that have been produced by NatWest in-line with their MoneySense school campaign that they launched at the start of 2020. These have been specifically created for use at home as the team are no longer available to visit school to deliver workshops that were planned in for the summer term. The children will learn about coins and notes, their values and how they are used, including how to calculate change. They are high quality and very engaging and I am sure they can be enjoyed by all in the household. There is a lesson guide and PowerPoint presentation to introduce the activities. NatWest are also introducing MoneySense Mondays from 4.5.20. These interactive lessons will be broadcast live on the NatWest Facebook page every Monday morning from 10am for young people and parents to watch together. Hosted by a teacher and Community Banker, the first 30 minutes will be dedicated to KS1 and the second half for KS2. Enjoy!

Music with Mrs Rivers lesson 2 - 30.4.20

Our second online music lesson. Enjoy!

Letter challenge 30.4.20

These letters are amazing. You are trying so hard with your handwriting still and your leading lines. We are all missing you very much too and we hope it won't be too much longer until we see your smiley faces again!

THURSDAY CHALLENGE - 30.4.20 - English 

Today's challenge is fairly simple. Write a letter to someone you miss. It could be a friend or a family member, it could even be to us!! You can include what you've been doing since you left school, what you've enjoyed and what you've missed. You can ask them some questions and you never know you may get a response back! Dont forget your question marks!! I can't wait to see what you include. Please do not worry, no personal details or information will be published on the website. 
Year 1 Veggie competition entries!

On the WHOLE SCHOOL page there is a vegetable competition 'VEGROCKS' to make a poster. These are the Year 1 entries. Send them to and we'll add them here for your friends to see.


Do you know who Steve Backshall is? Have you ever watched Deadly 60?
He's a wildlife presenter and he is making question and answer videos from his home about! He has lots of intresting things to show and there's lots of interesting facts to learn.
Don't worry if you miss the 9.30am show today, all the videos are online so you can choose which one you'd like to watch.

After watching one of Steve's shows can you write down any interesting facts that you learnt. You could even do a wonderful picture! Then email them to us ( at we can put them on the website so your friends can learn the interesting fact too. Enjoy!

Have a look at your friends' drawings! Can you see where they belong?

RE- belonging
We were going to think about 'belonging' with the children this half-term as part of our RE curriculum.
The children can belong to many different things ( family/ school/ class/ friendship group/ club/ religion). 
Ask the children to choose somewhere they belong and then to represent this in a picture.
They could quite simply just draw the people that belong in that group or if they wanted to, they could even create a family tree to see where they belong in their family.

We can't wait to see all the children's drawings of where they belong and how creative they've been! Please feel free to email and share your work with us so we can put it on the website ( Thank you!
Book reviews!

Take a look and see if there's a book you might like to read!


Find a book to read....this could be your school book, your favourite book or a book you've never read before.
Find someone to read it with. If you've got younger brothers or sisters you could read it to them.
Once you've read the book, your challenge is to write a book review about the book.
There's a review template attached but you can easily make your own.
You need to include:
Draw how many stars it receives out of 5.
Explain your favourite part/fact and why you like that bit.
Who would you recommend the book to? 
Draw a part you found interesting. 
Maths, music and science challenges!

Thank you so much for sending in your learning! We really enjoy seeing what you've been up to and putting them on the website so your friends can see too!

In science we were learning about plants - what they need to grow and how to look after them. We also began to think about the specific parts of a plant. Today, I would like you to draw a plant and label the roots, stem, petals, leaf, flower and bud. You could base your drawing on a flower from your garden, or one you can see from your window. I can't wait to see what you produce! 

Look at this video and try the quiz:

Music Lesson with Mrs Rivers 24.4.20

Mrs Rivers has recorded a special music lesson for you. Watch here. Remember to email any photos you have of your children joining in!

LETTERS & SOUND Phonics Lessons

LETTERS AND SOUNDS PHONICS Please find below Letter to parents about online phonics lesson this includes the link to the website. Your children will be able to access videos and activities from Monday 27th April. Please look at the tools bar on the guide how to use the lessons. Year 1 lesson are 10 :30 am


Todays challenges are all about the number 10.
These are all facts that relate to 10, and include our number bonds! Knowing these facts by heart will help you in all areas of your number knowledge!

Could you use a part part whole to help you?

Buckden C.E. Primary School - Marie Curie

1 + ___ = 10

2+ ___ = 10

3 + ___ = 10

4 + ___ = 10

5 + ___ = 10

6 + ___ = 10

7 + ___ = 10

8 + ___ = 10

9 + ___ = 10

10 + ___ = 10

10 – ___ = 10

___ – 1 = 10

12 – ___ = 10

___ – 3 = 10

14 – ___ = 10

___ – 5 = 10

Could you challenge yourself to complete these within 3 minutes? You could also write some number bond questions for me to answer - but remember to work out your answers too! 

This is Grog!
Grog is from the planet Troin. He is learning English and would like your help. He's had a go at writing some sentences but he's made a few mistakes.
Can you check these sentences have capital letters in the right place, correct punctuation and correct spelling of tricky words? Grog would be very grateful!
1. me name is grog
2. i am happy wen i goe to the shops.
3. wot is yor name?
4. Doo yoo hav a pet
5. Can i cum to you house
6. Year won ar teh best

PARENTS- if you copy out the incorrect sentences onto paper, then children can edit them. They may need prompting and questioning about tricky words and whether or not the sentence needs a question mark. ( we remember when as 'when hen?' and what as 'what hat?')
1. My name is Grog.
2. I am happy when I go to the shops.
3. What is your name?
4. Do you have a pet?
5. Can I come to your house?
6. Year One are the best.

EXTENSION- Which tricky words does Grog need help with? Can you make him a tricky word poster to help him remember? 
Teddy Bears' Picnic Photos

What glorious weather! Take a look at all the teddy bear picnics going on in Year One. Well done everyone for learning your address.

Today's challenge is to have a Teddy Bears' Picnic!
As we were planning to go to Pudsey Park for our Teddy Bears' can recreate it in your own garden.
The only problem is, those teddy bears like to wander off so we need to make sure they can get back to your house.
Before taking your teddy bears outside for a picnic, you must learn to write your address including the postcode! Then tie your address round every teddy bear's neck to keep them safe.
By the end of the day, you'll hopefully know your address, including postcode, off by heart. Wow!
We can't wait to see all the wonderful picnics you've had. We can put the photos on the website (as long as your addresses can't be seen) so your friends can see your picnic! Just send them to
Enjoy the lovely weather!
Summer home-school learning

A place to share all the wonderful learning happening at home in Year 1! Enjoy!

Welcome back after a break for Easter!

Just before school closed, we had begun to be 'detectives' and use our inference skills to find clues in a picture/text to tell us more.Have a go at home together! You don't need to write anything down.
Look at the picture!
Do all the children live in that house?
Why are there cards on the side?
Whose birthday is it? How do you know?
Who is the person holding the cake? Why does it have candles?
Why is the girl clapping?
How is everyone feeling? How do you know?
Can you think of a time in your life when you were at a birthday party? Was it the same as this litte boy's?

Can you now read the text and have a go at answering the questions using your inference skills? Adults, you can read the text to your child if they can not independently access it, they'll still be practising their inference skills. 

A space to share all the amazing learning that's been going on at home. Have a look at what your friends have been up to!

WC 20.4.20 & 27.4.20 Week 3 & 4 Home Learning

We hope you had a lovely Easter and managed to enjoy some of the sunshine at this strange time. We have attached below an example of some of the activities that can be completed to support your child's learning at home. If you do not have a printer please do not worry, you can use the materials as a guide and create your own handwritten sheets.

We will also continue with the daily challenges as these have been popular with some children. You will need to log onto this area daily to see what the challenges are. Remember to email photos of work, challenges and any questions to The children love to see their work and the work of their classmates on their class page. Thank you to all the beautiful examples we have already seen. 

There are many online resources which are quick and easy to access. Some of these can be accessed independently. We have looked at the wealth of information on offer and we would strongly recommend the following:,14EWE,2T9R0V,3Y6KX,1 - has a daily schedule of lessons to watch...created by teachers for the BBC! Really useful resource.  - has daily video lessons and a complimentary worksheet. There will be links to BBC bitesize, which will link directly with the learning from week 3 onwards. 

Youtube - Ruth Miskin - speed sounds - even though we follow 'letters and sounds', these are useful daily phonics lessons which recap sounds we have learnt. We are currently working within set 3 but set 2 sounds will recap the whole of the year 1 sounds. - has lots of free reading books of all levels. 

Youtube - PE with Joe Wicks. Fun daily exercise for all the family. 

There is a lot of information on this post so please choose what works for you and your child. We have tried to include a range of independent / supported / interactive / worksheet based activities to choose from. There is no expectation that all work is completed. We are here to support and give guidance to you all. If you have any questions or need anything else, please email us. 

Thank you for all your continued support,
Year 1 team 
Easter Eggs
So as of today, Friday 3rd April 2020, it is officially the Easter holidays. Therefore, for the next 2 weeks we will not be setting any daily challenges. However, we will be checking the class email regularly, so if you would like any help or support, please contact us on We will respond as soon as we can. 

However, after a discussion we have decided to set the children the challenge of decorating an egg, if they wish to do so. It is a little bit of fun, that would have been happening had we been in school. So all the year 1 staff (and probably their families) will be showing their best on a special area of the website. If you wish to join in the fun, please email lus your entries! And have fun! 

Thank you for all your continued support at this difficult time. Stay safe and well, best wishes, the year 1 team, 
Mrs Hayward, Miss Walker & Mrs Lofthouse xxx


Wow - look at all the outdoor learning you've been doing. You are impressing us so much with all your challenges! Well done!


Here is a outdoor challenge for you so hopefully the sum is shining! If you want more of a challenge you could write a list of the things you find, listening closely to the sounds in the words. 


Wow!! You are all superstars!! I love the different approaches you have taken to sort out my mixed up sentences! And the handwriting is beautiful!! well done you all!!!


LITERACY - I’ve had an accident, I was carrying my animal sentences in my suitcase but I dropped them. When I picked them up, they were all jumbled! Can you put my sentences in order please.

What Are Pet Animals, Domestic Animals And Wild Animals ...

fox The tail. long has a

Lions and strong are fierce.

yellow eagle The a has beak.

neck. has long A giraffe a very

really run can Cheetahs fast.

Email a photo of your work. This is a perfect chance to practise those leading lines we've been working on! 

If you have more time, you could create some more of your own sentences about these animals! Which is your favourite and why? Which would you most like to meet and why? I wonder if you have you ever seen any of these animals? 

Wow! Look at all this super learning you have been doing at home!


Pretend you are a pirate and go and hide some 'treasure' in your garden (if you don't have a garden you can do this in the lounge and maybe set out some obstacles).
Then draw a map of your garden, including all the things in it (bird table/ paddling pool/ trampoline).
After that draw on your route to find the treasure....remember X marks the spot!

Can the children describe their route to you so you can find the treasure?
The words we are encouraging them to use are next to/ left / right.
As an extra challenge, can the children use time openers to write instructions to find the treasure.
For example, First turn left by the steps. Then go around the pond. Next turn right at the rabbit hutch.
Tuesday challenges

Here are some photos of Tuesday's challenge! Split digraph hunt and nature people!


PHONICS CHALLENGE- Split digraphs! a_e   e_e   o_e   i_e   u_e
Choose your favourite book (or more than one) and go on a split digraph sound hunt! How many words in your book have a split digraph? Can you read them all? Can you make a list of the words you've found?

Go into your garden or on your one walk a day and collect natural materials to make people. Remember not to pick other people's flowers. We can't wait to see your nature people!

Remember to send your photos to

Monday challenges...Homemade boats and rhyming!

These are the homemade boats we've received so far. They are amazing! I hope they all floated. There's also rhyming challenges too!


PHONICS CHALLENGE- Rhyming! Write a list of words that rhyme with these words. Use different colours for real words and nonsense words.   WORD 1 pan        WORD 2 rest        WORD 3 pound

SCIENCE CHALLENGE- Using any materials/ recycling you can find, can you create a boat that floats? Design your boat first and label it clearly. Then test your boat :) 
What makes your boat float? If it doesn't float, why not? Can you add to it/ improve it so it does float! 

We now have a Year 1 email address. Feel free to email any photos you have and we can put them on the website so children can see what their class mates have been up to :) Thank you! Year 1 Team.
White Rose Maths Daily Lessons

White Rose Maths are creating daily tasks for children and publishing them within the 'Home Learning' section of their website. Below is the link for the Year 1 tasks. If you click on each task, there is audio guidance of how to complete each task which will be really helpful for the children as it explains the tasks very clearly! Simply click on the link below and you will have access to this. We are now on 'Week 2' and White Rose Maths have uploaded the lessons already for the entire week. They will continue to upload like this for the forseeable.

Just follow these four easy steps…
1) Click on the set of lessons for your child’s year group;
2) Watch the video (either on your own or with your child);
3) Find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes;
4) Use the video guidance to support your child as they work through a lesson.

Following each video, there are tasks assigned that you can download and the answers to these are also available to you.If your child struggles with these, please do not worry about having to access the daily task within a different year group - that is absolutely fine! White Rose Maths have also created Facebook groups for each year group for further support helping your child should you require it (please copy and paste the link below into your browser and join the group). The team will be online every weekday between 10.00 and 11.00am to share children’s questions, examples and stories via any of their social media channels.
Week 1 & 2 Home Learning Packs WC 23.3.20 & 30.3.20

This section contains general literacy and maths work. Ideally, a selection on maths and literacy should be completed each day. The documents in this section were handed out in the home learning packs.


Here are the Year 1 common exception words list which children need to be able to read and spell by the end of year 1. We have also included the year 2 common exception words. You should move onto this if your child is confidently spelling and reading the year 1 list.

Learn by Hearts Year 1

The current learn by heart facts which need to be learnt are 'the correct spellings of days of the week' and 'halving facts to 10' These will be updated by year 1 staff. You can see the documents here which show what children need to know by the end of year 1.