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 WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW - MESSAGE FROM LEEDS CITY COUNCIL EDUCATION SAFEGUARDING TEAM,  Please see Parents section, 'Keeping Kids Safe' for the up to date information regards - 'Squid Game'. Please can we ask you to keep your contact details up to date by ringing the school office. Thank You.

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This week we are looking at our Reading strategies through our writing. Look at the picture of the little house on a hill. Talk to your adult, tell them who you think lives in this house. Remember to tell them why you think they live in the house. Use the I think, I'm guessing, It might be ,, Use the words because to conn your idea . Write your ideas into smart sentences. Remember your non negotiables. The second picture is a little character. Again talk wih your adults. Who is this little character? does he have a name? Think about noun phrases, write some sentences to describe the little character.

YEAR 2 HOME LEARNING Week commencing January 29.1.21

READING - Please support your child with their reading book each day. If they have read the book from school. Please encourage them to read books from home or newspapers and magazines. 

LEXIA - Encourage your child to access Lexia a minium of 40 minutes per week. Or 10 - 15 mins each day. 

WEEKLY SPELLINGS -    See spelling list and activities below

WRITING   - We have been using our geography as our driver this week. We have been learning about the continents of the world.  Can you sing the continents song to an adult at home. 
Use you ipad, PC or ask to borroow an adults phone to research the questions below. 

MATHS - We are looking at multiplying and division.  See below for activities  
Writing - Geography Question to research

Read the power points to learn about the continents. Then complete the activities below. Remember to use you ICT skill to research the questions. ALWAY ASK YOUR ADULT TO USE THE IPAD/ P.C AND ASK THEM TO CHECK YOU ARE BEING A SAFE RESEARCHER ON LINE. Remember to use key words in the questions to find the infomation.

Maths - Multiplication and Division Arrays

Read through the Power Point then complete the activities. Remember to use what you already know about columns and rows. One has been done for you, see example

Weekly Spellings

Spelling the sound or with a before l, ll

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Do you fancy a summer reading challenge?
Leeds Libraries From Home - Summer Reading Challenge Special

Leeds Libraries are still running their annual Summer reading challenge....but it will look a bit different this year.
The theme will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter.
Please click on the link below to find out more!
Your last music session with Mrs Rivers.

Here are some of your favourite songs to enjoy from the year.

Week 17 com 13.7.20

Hello Year 2. Last week of the year. Wow that has gone so fast. Mrs Smithers and I are so sad that we didn't get to spend the whole year with you all. We hope you have still enjoyed completing your home learning. Here is the last set of spelling and Grammar. Remember to access Daily BBC bite size, Lexia and TTRockstars. This week there is also a few Super Heroes to choose from. Write a description of your favourite Super Hero. Draft and write a Super Hero story. Remember to use exciting words.

WC 6.7.20 Music with Mrs Rivers

Here is another music lesson to enjoy.

WC 29.6.20 Mrs Rivers Music

Another music lesson to enjoy...

Home Learning week 15 (29.6.20) and wk 16 (6.7.20)

Hello Year 2. Mrs Smithers and I hope your managing to stay dry in this cold wet weather. We hope you are still logging on to Daily BBC bite size and finding the time to complete Lexia. I know lots of you have earned certificates, well done. Below are the next two weeks home learning. Have fun. Mrs Smither and Mrs Brier. Have fun learning.

Week 13 - commencing 15.6.20 & Week 14 - commencing 22.6.20

Hello Year 2, We hope you are all doing ok. Mrs Smither and I miss you all so so much. It has been lovely to see one or two of you doing your daily exercise in the park, we love it when you come and give us shout or a wave. It is lovely to see the weather is changing again for the better, so lots of fun outside. Remember to keep checking into the DAILY BBC Bite Size Home Learning Year 2. This will keep your mind active and ready for learning when it is your time to come back to school. I have been checking in on Lexia and lots of you are doing really well. Some of you have even earned certificates. Well done! Here are the weekly spellings, Test base and a couple of extra bits. Have fun. Oh & don't forget if you are feeling super focused in writing, you could write us a letter and post it to school. What a lovely surprise that would be for us. Have Fun! Mrs Brier & Mrs Smithers.

Week comencing 1st jUNE & 8th June

Hello, all Year 2 children. Mrs Smithers and I hope you have had a happy and fun half term break. We are missing you all terribly and hope to see you all very soon. Keep helping out our the house and remember it is a difficult time for everyone including your adults at home. Monday 1st June is back to learning day so here are the new home learning docs. 1, Remember to visit bite size for your daily Maths, English and topic sessions 2, Access Lexia daily 3, Weekly spellings and handwriting (found below) 4. Weekly Test Base ( found below) 5, Fun Science investigation

Mrs Rivers Music Lesson - WC 18.5.20

Enjoy your weekly music lesson!
Week commencing 18th May

Hi all Year 2 children. We hope you are all doing well and managing to keep busy. It was lovely to speak with most of you last week. Thank You to all those who keep sending me photos of the fantastic things you've been doing. It is always lovely to catch up with what you have been up to. Whether it is home work, whole school challenges, joining in with Mrs Rivers music lessons, gardening, cleaning or setting the table to help your adults at home. This week I have put a week spelling, test base, and English. The follow week 10 is the May Break - so I have added a few challenges of FUN things to do. Please Remember to log in to BBC Bite Size for your daily activities, read each day, Lexia 15 minutes a day and don't forget TTRockstars. Enjoy! Remember you can email me at

Celebrate VE Day Friday 8th May

On Friday 8 May the country will we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the entire Second World War generation, from British, Commonwealth and Allied Forces to evacuees and those who served on the home front. We can show our support and apprieciation by completing these fun activities. You could display them in your windows for all to see. Remember take photos and send them to me for the website.


Here is this week's music lesson from Mrs Rivers... enjoy!
VE Day Celebration Photos
BBC Bite Size Interactive Learning

This weeks BBC Bite interactive learning links. Simple click on the links then year 2 and finally the day and lesson your require. Have Fun!

Home Learning wk 7 - 4.5.20 & wk 8 11.5.20

Here is the next 2 weeks Home Learning tasks. Remember you can also access BBC Bite size week interactive lesson. See above. Remember to keep looking in the whole school challenge area too. You can take photos of the lovely thing you are doing send them to me and I can pop them on the website for all to see. Have Fun!

Look who joined in with Mrs Rivers this week. Then he got straight on with some Lexia. Well done Benji.

Music with Mrs Rivers lesson 2 - 30.4.20

Here is our second music lesson with Mrs Rivers. Enjoy!

Natwest MoneySense Home Learning Resources

Attached below are resources that have been produced by NatWest in-line with their MoneySense school campaign that they launched at the start of 2020. These have been specifically created for use at home as the team are no longer available to visit school to deliver workshops that were planned in for the summer term. The children will learn about coins and notes, their values and how they are used, including how to calculate change. They are high quality and very engaging and I am sure they can be enjoyed by all in the household. There is a learning guide and PowerPoint presentation that introduce the activities. NatWest are also introducing MoneySense Mondays from 4.5.20. These interactive lessons will be broadcast live on the NatWest Facebook page every Monday morning from 10am for young people and parents to watch together. Hosted by a teacher and Community Banker, the first 30 minutes will be dedicated to KS1 and the second half for KS2. Enjoy!


Good Morning Year 2. Please find below this weeks time table on BBC Bite size. This is a great way to keep up with your learning. Click in each day to get daily lessons including English , Reading , Maths , science, geography, history...… Mondays links are all done for you. Each day simpley click on the links choose yr 2 and the lesson are all there for you. It includes videos and activities. Enjoy.

Music at home with Mrs Rivers

We can even have fun with music at home. Mrs Rivers our music teacher has made a super video for us to join in with. It was great fun. Thanks Mrs Rivers.

Music Lesson with Mrs Rivers 24.4.20

Mrs Rivers has recorded a special music lesson for you. Watch here and enjoy!

BBC BITE SIZE -    This is a great  link to access a daily time table through videos and lessons. It includes 
  daily activities for all the core and foundation subjects.,14EWE,2T9R0V,3Y6KX,1
Hello Year 2

Mrs Smither’s and I hope you are all staying safe and well. We are missing you so much and hope to see you all very soon. Please remember to be calm, kind and helpful to all your adults and siblings at home. It is a very difficult time for all of us even the adults.  We are all doing our best.

Please remember to keep up with your daily exercise. You could join Joe Wickes on You Tube, 9am each morning.  Also your daily reading is so important, it helps with spelling, grammar and writing structure. In addition, you could practice your handwriting by completing a daily diary.  Mrs Smither’s and I cannot wait to hear what you have all been up to.

Please Take Care of yourself and your family, We hope to see you all very soon. Mrs Brier & Mrs Smither’s. If you have any quirries or need to contact us for the duration of Covid19 you can email us during school hours.

Please be patient, we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.
                                                     Thank You and STAY SAFE Year 2 Team

Your next set of Home Learning Activities for weeks  5 and 6  are found below.

Please also find more great links to Home learning;,14EWE,2T9R0V,3Y6KX,1

English - Reading wk 5 / 6
MATHS CHALLENGE - Mistery Portrait Gallery

Can you challenge yourself ?

Maths Times Tables board games 2,3,5,tables wk 5&6

These games are a nice change to learning and helping to embed our times tables. See how fast you can recall the number facts. If you don't have access to a printer, why not design and draw your own.

Some Practical Idea to try
Home Learning Packs Below contains general literacy and maths work. Ideally, a selection on maths and literacy should be completed each day. The documents in this section were handed out in the home learning packs. It is really important that children read as often as possible too. It would be lovely to know what your child has done through this difficult time. A daily diary/ journal would be a great way to keep a record and something that we can share when we get back to school.

White Rose Maths Daily Task

White Rose Maths are creating daily tasks for children and publishing them within the 'Home Learning' section of their website. Below is the link for the Year 2 tasks. If you click on each task, there is audio guidance of how to complete each task which will be really helpful for the children as it explains the tasks very clearly! Simply click on the link below and you will have access to this. We are now on 'Week 2' and White Rose Maths have uploaded the lessons already for the entire week. They will continue to upload like this for the forseeable.

Just follow these four easy steps…
1) Click on the set of lessons for your child’s year group;
2) Watch the video (either on your own or with your child);
3) Find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes;
4) Use the video guidance to support your child as they work through a lesson.

Following each video, there are tasks assigned that you can download and the answers to these are also available to you.If your child struggles with these, please do not worry about having to access the daily task within a different year group - that is absolutely fine! White Rose Maths have also created Facebook groups for each year group for further support helping your child should you require it (please copy and paste the link below into your browser and join the group). The team will be online every weekday between 10.00 and 11.00am to share children’s questions, examples and stories via any of their social media channels.

So, as of today, 3rd April 2020, we are officially on school holiday and there will be no more posts on the school website until Monday 20th April. In these uncertain times, the staff of Stanningley thought it would be fun to challenge all the children and their families to decorate an egg over the Easter holidays. We will create a gallery on our website to show all the entries. They can be as whacky and as funny as you like, using whatever material you have to hand. Email your photos, which include your face if possible, so we can see who made which entry, to before the end of the holidays. 

We wish you a safe and happy 2 weeks.
All the staff at SPS. 
Year 2 Phonics & Spelling wk 1 & 2

Here are the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words list which children need to be able to read and spell by the end of year 2. We have also included the first 100 (yr 1 )High frequency words.

Test Base week 1 & 2
Learn by Hearts Year 2

The Learn by Hearts are maths facts that children should be able to quickly recall. This pack include all Year 2 facts.