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Learn by Heart Facts- Prime Numbers
Mahira recommends this clip for learning Prime Numbers to 100! 
Prime Numbers
Final music session with Mrs Rivers

Here are some of your favourite songs from this year to enjoy!

WC 6.7.20

Here is this week's music lesson from Mrs Rivers.

Year 6 Summer 2 Weekly Overviews and Tasks (W.C. 1.6.20)

Welcome back after a very unusual Half Term holiday! I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather that we have had and found lots of opportunities to play outdoors now that we have a little bit more freedom to do so! As was the case last term, I will continue to upload a weekly overview every week which can be found in the attachments below this paragraph. This term, I am asking you to continue to use the BBC Home Learning resources as these really do offer fantastic guidance and are very engaging. Please take note of any guidance I have included in the weekly overview each week as from time to time, there may be changes. I have included the afternoon session from the Bitesize page this term too which I hope you enjoy! I will be leaving the resources on from last term in for if you still need to finish off any of the science, geography or art tasks that were set. Please remember that First News will be uploaded weekly and that you also need to try and use Lexia and TT Rockstars daily. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school and I can support you with this. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe!

First News Reading Comprehension Resources

Below are the weekly First News Newspaper reading comprehension resources and the paper itself which you can download. Just like last term, these will be uploaded onto this page weekly for you to access. There are two comprehension attachments that you can download - simply select the comprehension task that you feel most comfortable with.

WC 29.6.20 Mrs Rivers Music

Enjoy another music lesson...

Summer 2 Spanish Project and Activities

Senora Woodward has created a fantastic document for Year Six to link to the Spanish scheme of learning. The activities are excellent and I am sure you will have lots of fun completing them!

Year 6 Summer 1 Weekly Overviews

Hi Class 6! I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the lovely weather during the Easter break. Attached below is an overview for the learning for each week that we are not in school following the Easter Break (starting at week 1). Included in the document are the websites that you will need to visit to access the tasks. If you have any issues accessing the sites, please contact school and we can support you with this. In addition to maths and English, there are some afternoon tasks that the children can also complete to help keep them busy! On the BBC Bitesize 'Daily Lessons' page, there are extra lessons that I have not included on the learning overview that the children can also select from. This is a FANTASTIC website and the interactive resources provided are both engaging and inline with the curriculum. The curriculum related learning resources are designed to support the education of the nation's children during the Coronavirus lockdown and launch on the 20th April. BBC Bitesize Daily, as it will be called, will deliver its daily materials across BBC iPlayer, Red Button, BBC Bitesize website and app, BBC Four and BBC Sounds. Each day, a number of 20-minute programmes will be available on BBC iPlayer or BBC Red Button, from where parents will be directed to resources available that day on BBC Bitesize online. All content will be divided into age groups. Please do not panic if you find some of the learning too confusing or challenging - only complete what you can! Try to remember to keep up with your daily reading too. We are always here and can be contacted at any time to support you. Keep smiling!

Summer 1 Art - Street Art

Each Week, I will upload a new art lesson for the children to complete. Please see the guidance for this on the weekly overview and use the slides and worksheets attached to complete the work. Again, please do not worry if you do not have a printer - simply copy the work that you create onto a piece of your own paper or into the home learning book we sent home before Easter.

Summer 1 Geography Topic - How will our World Look in the Future?

Each week, the children have got the option to complete a lesson from our geography topic this term. The lessons have a great deal of content in - please do not feel you have to complete it all! Furthermore, some of this content may not be able to be covered due to restrictions in place at the moment and the fact that the children are not in school. For this reason, I have allocated two whole afternoons for this work. Please feel free to adapt as you feel. Additional resources will be added as and when required e.g. PowePoints. I have also uploaded a document with useful websites for each lesson that children can access.

First News Reading Comprehension Resources

First News Education connects news and learning by delivering weekly reading activities based on exploring the latest stories from First News, the UK`s only newspaper for young people. This is an additional resource that will be updated weekly should children complete the weekly tasks set or wish to improve their comprehension skills. We have these newspapers available in the classroom and the children LOVE these! The entire newspaper can be downloaded along with the differentiated tasks from the links below.

Natwest MoneySense Home Learning Resources

Attached below are resources that have been produced by NatWest in-line with their MoneySense school campaign that they launched at the start of 2020. These have been specifically created for use at home as the team are no longer available to visit school to deliver workshops that were planned in for the summer term. The children will learn all about ‘budgeting’, including how to create a budget and how key financial documents can be used to monitor income and expenses. They are high quality and very engaging and I am sure they can be enjoyed by all in the household. Please ensure that you read the learning guide and watch the PowerPoint presentation before attempting the activities so that they are easier to understand. NatWest are also introducing MoneySense Mondays from 4.5.20. These interactive lessons will be broadcast live on the NatWest Facebook page every Monday morning from 10am for young people and parents to watch together. Hosted by a teacher and Community Banker, the first 30 minutes will be dedicated to KS1 and the second half for KS2. Enjoy!

Spanish Newsletter

Please have a read of the Spanish newsletter and find a few tasks set by Senora Woodward to enjoy!!

If you haven't yet already registered, please sign up to the FREE ChessKid account provided by CSC (Chess in Schools & Communities) who provide our in school chess tutor. Just use the Join Us Parents link .
Weekly music with Mrs Rivers WC 18.5.20

Enjoy your weekly music lesson!
Weekly Music lesson EC 11.5.20

Here is your weekly music lesson with Mrs Rivers... enjoy!

Music with Mrs Rivers

Mrs Rivers has made you a music lesson so you can join in at home! Enjoy!

White Rose Maths are creating daily tasks for children and publishing them within the 'Home Learning' section of their website. Below is the link for the Year 6 tasks. If you click on each task, there is audio guidance of how to complete each task which will be really helpful for the children as it explains the tasks very clearly! Simply click on the link below and you will have access to this. We are now on 'Week 2' and White Rose Maths have uploaded the lessons already for the entire week. They will continue to upload like this for the forseeable.

Just follow these four easy steps…

  1. Click on the set of lessons for your child’s year group;
  2. Watch the video (either on your own or with your child);
  3. Find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes;
  4. Use the video guidance to support your child as they work through a lesson.
Following each video, there are tasks assigned that you can download and the answers to these are also available to you.If your child struggles with these, please do not worry about having to access the daily task within a different year group - that is absolutely fine! White Rose Maths have also created Facebook groups for each year group for further support helping your child should you require it (please copy and paste the link below into your browser and join the group). The team will be online every weekday between 10.00 and 11.00am to share children’s questions, examples and stories via any of their social media channels. Any questions, please contact Miss Soanes.
Home Learning Pack

Below is the full original pack that was sent home with each child the day that school closed. Please be aware that the tasks within each unit get progressively harder - your child only needs to complete what they feel comfortable with. The answers for this booklet are also below.

Reading Comprehension Tasks

These tasks are in addition to the comprehension book that has been sent home. You may need to access these following the Easter break if the book has been completed.

Writing Tasks

Here are a selection of writing tasks. Your child may enjoy completing one or two of these tasks each week. Please encourage your child to proof read, edit and re-draft their work. They are all aware of this process as we follow it in school for all writing tasks. These tasks are about enjoyment!

Science - Living Things and their Habitats - Classifying Organisms