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The Elves and the Shoe Maker and The Smartest Giant in Town

We have been reading these two stories and have really enjoyed them. We have written our own version of the stories. We have discussed lots of new words and and thought about why the authors has used them. We then linked out our Art anmd DT to our English and designed a pair of shoes, just like the little elves did for the shoe maker. We used our Art skills to design the show including the soles. Then we used our DT skills to create our lovely little shoes. We all had great fun. Do you like our shoes?

R.E - How can we look after our planet

This week we have begun to look at our planet, We went on a walk to look at all the lovely things in our local area. We had a discussion who put all these wonder things here. Weall had different ideas. We all had great fun trying to build our own structures using only straws and blu tac. It was very tricky as we worked in teams. We were so proud of our structures. Then we had another discussion how would we feel if someone came along and destroyed our hard work. We all thought we would feel extremely sad, cross and even annoyed. We then talked about the things we saw on our local walk, like broken playground, writing on walls, broken bottles in the park, litter thown on the floor. We then began to talk about right and wrong. We all know it is wrong to destroy our lovely environment. We have even designed poster to put up to remind other peole to take care of our local area.

Art / RE

Year 2 R.E topic this half term is- How can we look after our planet. We went for an Awe and Wonder walk in the local park. We looked at all the wonderful things, such as ; the tree, grass, flower, birds ,bees and we also looked for not so nice things like litter, grapheti, vandalism and dog poo. We know we need to always take our rubbish home with us. It is unfair to others. rnWe had a lovely time looking at all the beautiful things we decided to use it to make some trancient art. Do you like a nature art.

Science Food Chains

Continuing with our topic of Living things and their habitats. We have been looking at food chains. We have enjoyed looking at all the different animals and humans and what they need to survive.

SPS DOES Denim 4 Dementia

We all paid £1 to come to school wearing our denim to support the charity Pudsey Does Denim 4 Dementia. We had a fun day. So far we have raised almost £180.00.

ART - Colour Wheels

We have had great fun making our colour wheels. They have helped us to understand primary colours, secondary and tertiary colours. We now know that the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow can make the secondary colours. We mixed our red paint with blue paint to make purple, we mixed blue paint with yellow paint to make green, we mixed red and yellow to make orange. We kept going mixing the colours next to each other in our colour wheel. Do you like our display?

Year 2 Science - Living Things & Their Habitats

Year 2 are enjoying their science topic. We have looked at whether things are dead, alive or never been alive, We have been investigating our playground to find out if there are any habitats in there. We found that lots of animals live in different areas in our playground. We made tally charts of all the things we found. We had a great time.

Yr 2 Maths Fractions

We have been learning about fractions in maths. We have made fractions of objects and number. We really enjoyed addind fractions using the little cut out shape. We have learned the vocabulary that is used for fraction and can now use it. We know about the denominator and the numirator, equal and equivalant. We can draw the fractions , show the fractions using objects and we can even write the fractions in number form.

Year 2 Cricket

We are so lucky in Year 2. We have the opportunity to work with Jamie from The Chance to Shine Team. We are acquiring lots of new skills to help us learn how to play cricket. It is great fun.

Year 2 Fun in the Sun

It is great to be back at school. Spending time getting to know our class friends again. We have been so lucky the weather has been on our side.

Maths 2D & 3D Shape
History Great Fire of London

It was lovely to have all the children back in school. we have been learning about the Great Fire of London in History. We have enjoyed listening to the story and we have even acted the story out. So we thought what a good idea it would be to link the topic with our DT Skills. We even linked it with Math thinking about shape and 3D nets. We fold card to make a rectangle open box. Then thinking about the Great fire and how they didn’t have fire engines like we do today. We replicated the hand pulled water trucks. We used lollipop stick for the large arms to pull. We were even so luck that over night the Eatser Rabbit came and filled them with a little chocolate for Easter.

English - Writing - Different Sentence types

English - Writing We have used the weather to our advantage this week. rnAs the snow fell we wrapped up warm. We build snow people, animals and even structures out of the lovely fresh white snow. Then using our Learning objectives about understanding different sentence types, we wrote a set of instruction to help build our structures too.

PSHE - Health and Well Being

This half term we have been looking at all the things that help us stay healthy. Today we have been looking at keeping ourselves clean. We have paid particular attention to our hands. Firstly we completed a little experiment, Mrs Brier washed hand carefully. She then applied gel to her hands and then rubbed glitter on to them. Every where Mrs Brier touched had little bits on the green glitter. We had a conversation about how germs travel and how easy it is to pass them on. We then did another experiment using pepper as our germs. We put some water in a dish and added the germs (Pepper). We then put a small amount of soap on our finger and popped it in the pepper. We were so surprised to see what the pepper (germs ) did. We found out that germs do not like soap. Next experiment was all about hand washing. We all washed our hands thoroughly. Then we applied the special cream that shows up the areas that we missed with the soap when it is put under ultra violet light. We were all very surprised how many little areas we had missed. We all went back we watched an NHS video to help us wash our hands properly. Then we washed our hands again. We checked them under the ultra violet light to ensure they were clean. We even learnt a hand washing song to help us. You can copy and paste the link to hear the NHS hand washing song.

Spring 1 Art - Colour Mixing

We have had such a fun start to our next Art topic. We all had a plate and some skittles. We all made a picture with our skittles then we talked about - what would happen if we poured on some warm water. The effects were stunning.

Art Bob Barker

We have had a lovely time in year2 looking at the works of a local artist called Bob Barker. Yorkshire born and bred, Bob Barker’s memorable gift was an oil painting set from his mother on Christmas morning. From that day, Bob became increasingly fascinated by what he could accomplish with his brush. We have really enjoyed learning about Bob and observing his work closely. We even created our own Bab Barkers. Do you like them?

PSHE - Health and Well Being

We have been looking at healthy and not so healthy foods. We have designed a healthy plate of food.

Fun in the Snow
Christmas Lunch

We all enjoyed our Christmas Lunch it was delicious.

Making amount using pounds and pence

We have continued to work with money in maths. We have been looking at notes and larger value coins. We have been making amounts using our part, part whole model.

Cash for Kids

We all paid £1 to come to school wearing our Christmas clothes. We all looked great. We even earned a treat in the afternoon.

Maths Money

We have had a fun time today. We have been looking at money. We have talked about how dirty money can be. We know we can not touch our face or put our hands in our mouth when handling money and we NEVER put coins in our mouth. We always wash and gel our hand when we have been handling money in school. We have been re capping the yr 1 learning objectives I can recognise coins 1p,2p, 5p, 10p 20p 50p I can make an exchange using these coins.


We have begun to look at our Geography Topic Locational Knowledge. We will be looking at and name the 7 continents.rnWe have previously been learning about the seasons and weather patterns. As we introduced the globe to discuss the equator, some children became inquisitive to how the sun, earth moon move. One child asked ' Does the sun goes to sleep when it moves to the other side of the world'. This was a great opportunity to take a better look at the planet Earth. We used a torch to show that the sun does not move but the earth rotates. We could talked about how the earth turns on it's axes and the continents that were furthest from the sun would be experiencing night time. We could clearly see the shade parts of earth.

Peace Week - Odd Socks - Special class jigsaw

We all came to school wearing odd socks on Monday in support of Anti Bullying week. We used our Odd socks in our writing. We all used adjective to describe our odd socks. Then we hung our socks up on display. They look like they are hanging from a washing line. We have all thought hard about all the things we do to ensure we are helping our friends, such as listen to them when they are talking, Ask to borrow objects before we just take them. We wrote all our special qualities down and created a class 2 jigsaw. Mrs Smithers made a class display with them. We talked about how our jig saw doesn't have straight edges and corners. We all decided that we leave it open for other people to join our friendly class.

Children in Need

We all had a great time in Year2. On Friday we all came to school wearing non uniform. Many of us dressed up like Pudsey Bear to raise money for Children in Need. We even had a big school Raffle.

Science - Seasonal Changes

We have been on an autumn walk. We looked at the sky. We looked at the ground. We could all say that the trees have started to change. We collected evidence of the changes. We used our art session to work with all the think we found on the ground. We thought it was a great idea to create pictures of animals using the leaves.

Science - Every Day Materials

We have continued to investigate everyday materials. We have discussed, identified classified and now collected many different types of everyday materials. We have learned how to observe the different materials closely. We know we can use our eyes to observe but we needed to observe much closer with much more detail. So we used special magnifying glasses to see the tiny details in our chosen materials. Then we discuss and drew the details we saw.

PSHE - Reading Corners

We have been working so hard this week, thinking about our school goals. We all agreed that one of our school goals should be that we read a little more at home. So we made these fantastic reading corners to save our pages for when we do read at home. We were so excited to take them home and get started with our reading.

PSHE - Keeping Safe wk 3

Year 2 have been learning about keeping safe. We have looked all the different rules that we have to ensure we stay safe in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, garden and even outside. We have been outside in the big playground to pretend we were near the road side. We now know that we should stand 30 cm away from the kerb. We then need to follow some instructions: Stop! Think! Look ! Listen! nWhen the road is clear we can cross, looking and listening as we go. n


We have been recapping our Year 1 Maths Learning Objectives - Shape- We have been recognising, continuing and creating repeating patterns. It was great fun.

First Week Fun

We have had a great first three days. We have said hello to all friends in class 2. We have had fun and begun to0 learn our new routines.