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Fun in P.E

We had a great time in P.E this week. We used all the skills we have learned over the year to complete each curcuit.

Class 2 visit to Bulawayo Zimbabe, Africa

We had a fabulous time preparing for an afternoon in Africa. We made our own passports baording passes and even designed our own menu for the long flight. We created a list of things we would need to take for our journey. It was fun waiting for our flight. We all showed our passports to the airport staff, Mrs Barnett. We then followed the instruction to board the plane and take our seats. We had an inflight movie and snacks on the flight. When we arrived we had a list of things we all wanted to see. We ticked off all the things on our list as we found them. Then back home intime to be picked up by our grown ups.

Year 2 Pattern & Print - Art / Geography

We have had a great time looking at the small town of Bilawayo in Zimbabwe, Africa. We have looked carefully at the pattern and print from this area. We have noticed that the clothes that at worn in Africa also has lots of bright colourfull prints and patterns.

Year 2 Trip to Meanwood Valley Farm

Year 2 had a great time on their class trip to Meanwood Valley Farm. We arrived nice and early, We met our our new friend Caitlyn who explained what we would be doing throughout the day. First we went Pond dipping and habitat building. We all ate lunch together in the Eco Classroom. After lunch we went on a tour around the farm. We stroked the sheep and fed the goats and chickens. We also went to see the alpacas. We were very careful to stay back bacause the Eric the alpaca could sometime be a little naught and spit. Luckily he didn't spit at anyone. Atfer we looked at all the animals we set off back to school. On arrival at school we went to play on the trim trail and had another treat of an ice pop. A great day was had by all. The class 2 children made us all very proud.

Maths in Year 2 - Capacity, Colume and Mass
Art - Paint

We have begun our paint topic. We are learning about Primary colours and how these 3 colours can be combined in a variety of ways to create all the other colours. These other colours are called Secondary and Tetiary colouurs . We had great fun making a colour wheel. We were all suprised when we mixed the colours and created a new colours.

Year 2 Fun in the sun

Year 2 have been having a little fun in the sun during SATs week. We have been investigating art with nature. Have a look at how beautiful our transient art work was.

Science - Living thing and their habitats

On Wednesday our Science day we went on a mini beast hunt. But oh dear! it had been raining in the morning. Should we go? is it too wet? will we get wet and muddy? were the question we heard. We had a discussionn if today was the right day to go on a bug hunt. We all decided that it would be a good time as the rain may have brought lots of bugs, such as worms out of the ground. In preparation for the bug hunt we collected clip boards to rest on and keep out paper dry. Pencils to record the data we find. A chart to record our tally on. A hoop to give us an area to focus our search. Finally a mat to kneel on to keep us dry. Off we go in to the school garden to begin our search.

Queens Jubilee - Preparation

Our preparation has begun to celebrate for the Queen's Jubilee. We have been thinking about what we might wear. After we researched the Queen we descovered that she is rarely seen without a hat. So thought it would only be polite to attend the celebration wearing a hat. We looked at lots of images on the internet to see all the lovely types of hats she has. We all decided on the type of hat we wanted to wear. So we set to with our special art books and spent some time designing a hat that we could wear at the Special SPS Jubilee celebration Luncheon. As it is going to be such a grand affair we thought our hats needed to be grand. We had lots of discussion around how we could begin to make such a spectacular hat. We made a list of the things we would need to make the hats. It was very tricky thinking about how we could make it strong. We decided that we could use a paper plate to use as scaffold base for the hat. Have a little peep, to check out how it is going so far.

PSHE - Physical Health and Well Being.

What Keeps Us Healthy? We have have been looking at what a healthy diet looks like and know who are the people who helps us make choices about the food we eat. We have sorted foods in to the different food catagories. We have looked at the benefits of a healthy diet (including oral health). We know that physical activity, sleep and rest is vital. We can describe some ways of being physically active throughout the day. We all love our daily mile challenge, P.E twice a week and lots more.

Year 2 Design Technology - Wheels and axles

We have had a great fun learning about the Great Fire of London. After many discussion we thought that the fire would not have been as bad, if the people of London had a Fire Truck to carry the water from the river Thames. So we used our thinking skills to design and draw a fire truck that could carry buckets of water. We talked about how it would need wheels, a large area for the buckets and a pulling handle. We made a list of house hold things we could use for our trucks. Following our designs in our books we collected all the things we thought we would need. Then we made our trucks. It was vey challenging when it came to attaching the wheels. We needed to think smartly to work out how to stop the wheels falling off the axle. Some of us built a truck But it didn't work, so we started again with a new idea just like the real designers.

Year 2 Science seeds and bulbs

We have been learning about plants and trees. We have looked closely at seeds and bulbs. We know that inside a hard seed is all nutriants that is needed to grow another little plant. We have planeted our own seeds to grow at home. We have also set up an investigation to prove what a seed needs to grow into a healthy plant. We have put seeds in a variety of places, some with soil, water and sun light. Some with water and sun light and some with soil water and no sunlight. We now need to wait to see if any of our seeds will grow. We all think the seed that is watered frequently and is in the sunlight will grow the best,but we will have to wait and see.

Maths - Measuring in Yr 2

We have been very practical this week using the different tools to measure. We know that we can count the numbers on a ruler and measure in inches, centemeters and millimeters. We have been learning about measuring in meters too. We know that there are 100 centimeters in a meter. We can make judgement on which is the best measuring tool to use to find length of a variety of object. We know we would choose a meter stick to measure our big school hall and a ruler or tape measure to measure the length of our pencil. We had great fun finding out the length of many things in our classroom.

A Special Visitor - Steve Webb

We have been so lucky to have a visitor in school on World Book Week. Staev Webb is the author who came to talk to us about his work. He read us some of his stories and we added action to some of his stories. It was fun. Steve told us how he starts to write and draw he showed us his plans for a new book he is writing at the moment. Some of us had the oppotunity to buy one of his books. We had a special book signing session in the school hall. When we got back into our classroom we all worked hard on creating our very own book.

Class 2 Super Potatoe winners
World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we all came to school dressed as our favourite book character. We all looked amazing.

Science - Animals Including Humans

We have been learning about different animals and how they grow. We have looked at Life Cycles and watched how animals including humans grow at different stages of life. We have had lots of discussions around what we all need to survey. We know that none of us can live without; air, water and food. We have also had a good look at different food types, Healthy and not so healthy meals. Finally we took part in an investigation into exercise and what types of exercise makes us more out of breath and our hearts beat faster.

Music - with Mrs Rivers

We all enjoy music with Mrs Rivers, It is fun and exciting.

Geography in Year 2 - Local Area

We have been looking at the local area on google airial maps and street maps. We have thought about our very own journey to school and drawn a map to show the way to school. We went on a local walk following directional language: North, East, Souith and West. We all know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. We had a look at all the amazing buildings in our area and have even researched and found information from our adult about what the buildings used to be in the past. We have got a good variety of of shops,a firestation, doctors, chemist, gym, sandwich shop, barbers, a few churches and lots of different types of houses.

Art - View Finders

We are continuing to look at the work of Bob Barker. We have discuss how difficult it is to draw in such detail when we draw a whole picture. We have worked together and created a view finder this will help us focus on a particular area at a time when drawing.

Geography - Directional Vocabulary

We have been learning about direction, We now know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. We all went outside to paly a fun game to help us learn the compass directions. We have also learned a mnemonic to help us learn the directions. Never - North Eat - East Shreaded - South Wheat - West

Art in Year 2 - Pencils

We have begun to look at the local Artist Bob Barker. His painting look like they have been draw with pencils. We have investigated differnt types of pencil and learnt about the gradient. Then we learnt some new skill such as; shading, smudging and rubbing to create our own drawings.

Chance to Shine Cricket

Wow! We have been very lucky to be involved with the Chance to Shine Cricket Team. We had great fun with Jamie learning new skills and activities.

Math in Year 2 - Money

We have begun to look at money. We have sorted coins into size, shape and colour. We then matched the coins to their value. We have even looked at how many ways we can make 10p,20p,50,£1 & £2 using different coins..

Party Day

We had a lovely day on Party Day.. We made cards, tree decorations, we completed puzzles and even enjoyed a little bit of colouring. After lunch we enjoyed party games, shared party food and had a zoom meeting with Santa.

KS1 Christmas Nativity - Miracle In Town
Science Everyday Materials

We have continued our everyday material topic. Focusing on our investigation question. Are all materials waterproof? We each took turns in testing out if the everyday objects were waterproof. We ensured the variable that we kept the same , was the amount of water we poured on the objects. We found out and could prove that not all materials are waterproof.


We have been having a great time during peace week. We all came to school wearing our odd socks on Monday. We had a lot of fun looking at all the funny socks. \r\nWe all joined in an odd sock hunt and matched our odd sock with our partner pair. We have used our kind words to create lovely acrostic poems and we all joined in a compliment circle. On Friday we all paid £! to wear our Pudsey Bear outfits. We had a great time. We have used our kind words and created a lovely class mobile. It has been a lovely week.

History - Lives of Significant People

We have been using our History topic through our English. We have looked at the life of May Seacole. She was a significant individual in the past who contributed to national and international achievements in the 1800s. She travelled from Jamaica to UK and ask to help Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War. She was refused , so she used her own money to get there and opened her own hospital called the British Hotel to help the ill, hungry, wonded soldiers. We have enjoyed finding out about Mary Seacole so much that we acted out the story in class.

Science Investigation - Everyday Materials

We have been thinking about everyday materials and what they are used for. We had a discussion about why we use curtain materials. We decided to do an investigation into everyday materials and why they are used. We came up with a class question to investigate Can all materials be; squashed,squeezed,stretched and twisted ? We had a great time finding out.

Road Safety

This Half Term Our PHSE has been learning about being safe. This included in the home, outside also on the road. We were lucky enough to have the Raod Safety Team to come and help our children out on the road. We all now know that we all need to Think, Stop , Look and Listen before we even think about crossing the road.

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY - Rainbow dress down day

We all came to school wearing our colourful clothes to help support World Menatal Health Day. We all gave £! to help this charity. We all looked amazing.

R.E - How we welcome new life.

We have been learning about how Christians welcome new life. We have talked about all the important things that a new baby needs such as: a cot, milk, blankets and hugs. We have also discuss the word Christening. We have researched Christenings and know that people would usually wear their best clothes and a baby that is being christened would wear a christening gown. We enjoyed learning about this so much that we even had a role play session, where the children acted out going to a Christening. We even had a pretend priest to bless the baby.

Science - Everyday Materials

We have continued to look at everyday materials, This week we have completed ma material hunt around the classroom. The materials that we found were then used for a sorting activity. The children worked out if the material was man made or natural, then they chose which part of the venn diagram their material fitted into.

DT - Reading Monsters

In Year2 we have thinking about reading at home. So we made these reading monsters to take home to encourage us to read at home. We needed to be very careful and listen hard to all the instruction. We only used coloured paper, scissors and glue. We made lots of tricky folds and the used scissors to cut out teeth and eyes. Have a look at our scary reading monsters.


We were so lucky to be able to have P.E with Gaz outside in the sun. Our focus this half term is balance. We all used beanbags to play a game of balance. We all needed to pretend we were a supr hero. Well Yr 2 did not need to pretend because each and everyone of them is a super hero. Well done Yr2 for a great P.E session.

Fun in the sun week one.

We were all so happy that we could time in the sun to have fun and get to know each other again.

Rules & Routines

In our first days we all looked at the class routines and rule. We thought of different things we could do to ensure we have a lovely calm and peaceful classroom. We thought about our school ethos and the show me five rule. We all thought it would be a good idea to have a reminderon the wall as they were bare after the summer break. We all made special hand pictures. We wrote the show me five rules on one hand and then we got creative with the second hand. Each hand is unique and beautiful, but together we are a master piece. Our class tree looks stunning,don't you think.