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100% Attendance

The children who have had 100% attendance were invite to a special circus treat. It was great fun.

Reception class trip

All the children had a wonderful time visiting Temple Newsam Farm. We began our trip by exploring the grounds. We even had the opportunity to play with the parachute and play in the playground. Later in the day we had a tour of the farm and saw many different animals, even Silkies the chickens we have been raising in class. We even had chance to go on the tractor before we left.

Reception Class Promise.
We will come to school each day and bring our reading book bags.
We wil use kind words, hands and feet and show five when on the carpet and when we are asked.
We will listen to the teacher and one another.
We will take turns, help each other and always try our best.
We will share our toys and take good care of them.
We will help to keep our classrooms tidy.
We will do our homework each week.
Our first whole class photograph.
Sports Day

Reception Class with the whole of the school enjoyed a lovely sports day. The atmosphere was fantastic as parents and carers cheered on all the children. We enjoyed sprinting down the track, sack race, walking very quickly with quoits, the egg and spoon race as well as the hoola hoop race. We even had an opportunity to see some of our adults race against once another. We finished the morning with a lovely ice pop.

Class Assembly

Reception Class had their first whole school assembly. Lots of adults came to watch us perform. We showed how we had learnt the days of week, the months of the year, how we count in 2's, 5's and 10's and how we use stories to help with our writing.

Early Years Chicks.

We have had an exciting three weeks. Reception have waited patiently for the chicks to hatch and finally we have eleven lovely fluffy chicks.

Race for Life

On Friday 10th June all of the children in school ran their very best for our yearly charity race. lots of adults came to watch including some very special guests.Reception class did themselves proud - we have pledged over £530.

The Three Bears

We all enjoyed listening to another favourite traditional story, 'The Three Bears.' Reception children enjoyed making porridge, decorating a new chair for Baby Bear ad writing invites to our own teddies at home so that we could finish the half term with a large teddy bears picnic.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Reception Class have enjoyed learning about the traditional story Jack and the Beanstalk. We wrote letters to the giant inviting him to visit us so that we might ask him questions. Afterwards we drew pictures of him and began to write the story. We even walked in his boots making footprints with paint. We planted beans and made our own beanstalks, numbering each leaf. For homework children made the giant a bun - which all the children enjoyed.

Food Dudes from Home

Reception children have really enjoyed watching all the Food Dude videos. We have moved from eating fresh fruit and vegetables provided by the school to bring our own fruit and vegetables from home - one little girl decided to even bring along the Hungry Caterpillar.

Exploring Maths

Reception children have enjoyed exploring a variety of mathematics from making clocks to using number and measuring in non standard units.

Water Play

Reception children enjoyed some nice sunny days discovering and exploring with water.

Balance Bikes

Whilst celebrating Sports Relief Reception children had an opportunity to ride a bike that has no wheels!!! Whilst some children were very confident others took a little longer to settle into the saddle.

Spanish Day

Reception children enjoyed spending the day learning about Easter in Spain. We made Sangria ( fruit drink) Spanish flags and decorations and even dressed up.

Coffee Morning

The children enjoyed purchasing a bun in the school hall and practising their money skills.

Chinese New Year

We all enjoyed celebrating the Chinese New Year. This year it is the special year of the monkey and that made JoBo feel very special indeed. As part of our celebration we made some beautiful traditional hats and we learnt how to concertina paper to make fans. We listened to some traditional Chinese children’s stories and we enjoyed dressing up in the beautiful silk clothes. We saw a street parade with dancing dragons and we listened to the loud music as we danced with our own dragon. Finally we prepared for a real Chinese party and we experienced the delicious flavours of the Chinese food, some of us even had a try at using chopsticks!

Developing fine motor skills through threading and balancing.

We challenged the children to work with spaghetti and mini marshmallows. Some of the children managed to thread marshmallows onto the spaghetti and some of them made free standing structures that were supported by the marshmallows. Children discovered that a tripod structure supports the spaghetti very successfully. The children had fun threading small beads onto twisted wire. They had to thread them carefully and move them along the wire. To make the task even trickier the children used tweezers to handle the beads. Both of these activities required concentration and determination. Every attempt is a new challenge and children have chosen to return to this activity to practice their skills and make transient pieces of art.

Reception class went to the Spring Disco

Some of Reception children had a lovely evening out at the school Spring Disco. They danced and sang some of their favorite pop songs and had a little supper before playing some party games.

Noah's Ark

Noah’s ark We observed the weather every day and we noticed that we have had some very rainy days. We listened to the story of Noah who built an ark to save the animals from the rain that poured for 40 days and 40 nights. We learnt the names of lots of animals, We counted animals and other objects and we made sets of animals that shared common features. Some children used their imagination and acted out the story in explore time. We learnt some songs about Noah and we had fun splashing outside in the rain that fell nearly every day.

Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Wise man and the Foolish man We have been listening to the story of the wise man and the foolish man. This inspired us to make houses using different materials and we experimented with sand and water to see how it moved. The children discovered that planning and hard work could help them to successfully build houses that would remain stable and secure.


Pantomime On the last day of term the whole school enjoyed the fabulous annual pantomime, ………………. Was fantastic …… ‘Oh yes it was’


Numeracy Children in Early Years develop their mathematical understanding in all areas of provision. They explore shape through construction activities and there are lots of opportunities to develop their number skills.

Sparkle Time

Sparkle Time Nursery children invited their families and friends to share in their Sparkle Time activity day. Everyone had fun making Christmas crafts and decorating our home made biscuits with edible decorations.


Christmas In December we began counting down the days of advent and we prepared for our Christmas celebration We have used our printing skills to make some lovely cards and our calendars we produced by rolling paint covered marbles in small trays.


Diwali As the days grew shorter and the nights longer, we enjoyed celebrating Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and we learnt about the adventures that they had which ended in a celebration with lights music and food. We tasted some new and delicious foods and we watched Rama and Sita dancing to Ravi Shankar!

Art Gallery Visit

Art Gallery Visit During this half term the whole school has had the opportunity to take part in visits and workshops that have been connected to the British Art Show which is an exhibition at Leeds City Gallery until next year. Nursery children took their adults to a fun and exciting multi-sensory morning and they worked with string and modelling materials to create their own art work.

Exploring Numbers

The children in Early Years have been exploring numbers and counting. They have used a variety of ways to do this such as painting, counting dinosaurs in the sand and estimating the number of pebbles.

Road Safety Week.

The children in Early Years were very lucky to have a visitor to help them to learn about crossing the road. She taught the children a special song and told us all a story about keeping safe, wearing seat belts whilst travelling in cars and remembering to hold an adult's hand when we are out and about. During the next few weeks the children enjoyed driving cars and using our zebra crossing to help them to cross our busy road.

PE - Finding and exploring space

The Reception children have enjoyed having PE inside and outside. They have found spaces using their bodies and later in the weeks with hoops, which they have then worked with.

Celebrating The Queens long reign.

We have all been learning about our Queen.Queen Elizabeth II has now been on the throne longer than any other Queen of England. To celebrate this occasion the children enjoyed making fancy crowns which they wore throughout the day.

Lunch time and meeting our Buddies

In the first two weeks of starting school Reception Children are helped during lunchtime by being paired up with a year six child, these are known as their Class Buddies. The children help them during dinner and playtime and they become good friends.

Exploring our surroundings

The children in Early Years have enjoyed exploring the new surroundings around both the Early Years Unit and the whole school. The Reception children even wore special listening ears to help them hear the different sounds around them.