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Year 1 have been learning about position and direction. We have been in the big playground and listened carefully to instructions. We followed the instruction by making the correct turn. Mrs Smithers called out the instruction i.e. quarter turn, half turn. whole turn. We followed by turning our bodies in the correct direction.

Art in Year 1

This half term we have been looking at weaving. We have looked at different artist who weave in different ways. We have had the opportunity the weave ourselves. We have made some colourf

Science - Investigation

In Year 1 we have been investigating the damage the sun causes. We had a long discussion about sun cream and remembered a little rhyme to help us remember to put it on our bodies to protect us. So when your going in the sun you will need to .. Slip , Slop Slap . We thought about how we could investigate how the sun causes damage. we thought it would be a good idea to tape objects on to different types of paper and put them in different parts of the playground. Some in direct sun and some in the shade. We left them for a few days and then took them down to look more carefully at them. We were correct the sun had DAMAGED the paper. It had kept its colour were the objects had been taped and lost its colour everywhere else.

Computing in Year 1

Year 1 have a great time in the Computing Suite each week. We have been enjoying using The Purple Mash programme to click, drag and drop to create a story board.

Maths Sharing and dividing

In Year 1 we have been looking at Sharing and dividing. We have used counters, whiteboards drawn cakes and pies to help up make fractions. We are so clever an even read a fraction and draw it.

Saint Leonard's Farm

Year 1 had a great day with year 2 on our annual summer trip. We went by bus to Saint Leonard's Farm at Esholt. We had a fantastic time in the play barn, the Hay Barn the Activity Park the Petting Circle and we even had time for a walk around the farm and a quick roll race down the hill. The weather was amazing too.


We have been looking at how other people celebrate. We have look at Ramadan and the celebration Eid. During Ramadan, healthy grown-ups who are Muslims don't eat or drink anything during the day. This is called fasting. Muslim families celebrate Eid by putting on new clothes. They enjoy sharing meals with their family and friends. They eat different kinds of foods like samosa, pakoras, kebabs and much more. The ladies paint their hands these are called Mendi patterns. We all made special Mendi hand patterns and then had a little dancing party to celebrate.

Year 1 Sports Day

We had a great time at our annual Sports Day. Even though the weather looked like it was going to rain we managed to complete most of our sports events before it did rained.

Grouping in Maths

We have been looking at grouping objects in year 1. We have begun to understand rows and columns. It was fun using counter to see who could group the fastest into the given number groups.

Year 1 Race 4 Life

Year 1 had a great time at Race 4 Life. We all had a brilliant warm up with our P.E expert Gaz. Then we were off! We ran a round the big rugby field as fast as we could. We did really well. Then we were all given a drink and a very special medal.

Science - Investigating plant in our garden

Year 1 have been scientists yet again. We have been on an investigation around the school grounds to identify different plants and flowers. We were surprised how many plant names we knew. We used a clip board and pictures to find specific flowers and plants and marked them off on our reference sheet. When we got back to our classroom we all designed a beautiful garden of our own. We drew some of the lovely plants and flowers that we found in our gardens.


Year 1 have had a great P.E session. We all joined in an Olympic style circuit. Some of the activities were a little tricky such as the hola hoop.


Year one have had more great fun using the scale to compare weight. We understand that if the scale moves down that is the heavier object and the lighter object goes up in the scale bucket. We have learnt new vocabulary and can use it well. We have investigated the weight of lots of different things around our classroom.

A Special Wedding

In class one we came to school wearing red , white and blue to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. We watched a video of different weddings in different places. We had a long discussion about weddings our mum's and dad's and even our Grandparents. We all designed a special wedding outfit for the day.


In Geography this term Year 1 have been looking at the continents and all the different animals that live in these areas. We have looked closely at Penguins, Red Pandas, Sharks, Elephants and Swallows. We had a great afternoon working together as a team to create the environment for each of these animals. We had to work very had to ensure all children in our little groups listened, had a turn to talk, choose different materials and then decide where and how our final collage looked.

Cooking in the curriculum

Year 1 have been having a great time working with Mrs Greenwood and Miss Hudson, learning new skills in the kitchen. We have been using our motor skills to design and create lovely food to eat. Have a look at the fun we have had.

Scientific enquiry using Magnifying glasses.

We have continued to look at the mini beasts that were in our playground and some that were not. We have been learning how to use a magnifying glass correctly to make clear observations of the tiny details on the little bugs we have been looking at. We then drew our mini beast in great detail and labelled them. We were having so much fun some children noticed that if you pop the magnifying glass near your face and pull it slowly away your face appears larger. Some children asked for a photo so they could see themselves. Can you guess who these children are?


Year 1 have begun to investigate using our scientific minds and vocabulary. We all went out to explore in our big playground. We each had some special equipment to learn how to use. We found lots of exciting things and used our magnifying glass to look even closer. We drew what we found and classified it from a list of insects. Then we made a tally chart and also began to find out some facts about the creatures we founds.


During Healthy week we have been reading the story of Nothing. We have been thinking about feelings and how we can help others, who are not feeling there best. We really enjoyed the story so much we wrote a letter to Nothing to invite him to visit us. We knew he was feeling a little sad and he couldn't remember his name or who he was. We wrote a description and retold the story to him to help him remember. We liked him so much we made our own little Nothings to take home.

Healthy Week

We have been learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar and how he eats lots of healthy and un healthy foods. We learnt how a caterpillar cocoons its self for two weeks and then re appears as a beautiful Butterfly. During Healthy week we made our own healthy little caterpillars following instructions. But firstly we learnt how to wash our hand correctly ensuring we didn't leave any germs behind. We know that clean hands can help us stay healthy. We also learnt how to brush our teeth correctly making sure we brushed every single tooth. We even had a practice on some very big teeth.

In Year 1 History we have been looking at our Local Heroes. We have had some lengthy discussion regards who our local heroes are and why. We have made lists of many of our heroes such as ; our parents, dentists , teachers, the caretaker, road workers such as the gritters, lollipop people and surgeons and why there jobs make them heroes. One of our little class friends a puppet called Ben thought he could be a local hero, but he got stuck, So class 1 had to think of ways that they could safely get Ben down. We asked some tall adult around school to help but when we looked at the school policy we realised we couldn't climb up to get him safely. We made phone calls to our caretaker but he was busy with other things around school. So we wrote letters to some of our local heroes. We finally found a great group of heroes to help us get Ben down. What a great afternoon we had.

P.E in Year 1

Year 1 always have a great time in P.E. We are now beginning to learn about ball skills. We have been experimenting with movement and different ways in which we can pass the ball.


Wow! what a fantastic time we had at Hoop Starz. Tracey came to show us how to use a hula hoop correctly. We now know how to stand correctly with one foot in front of the other and rock our bodies forward and backwards. We have even learned how to do special tricks, like standing on one leg, jumping, turning all whilst spinning a hula hoop. We felt good after we had finish it was a great work out.

More Hoop Starz
Year 1 Maths

We have had great fun learning the names and properties of 2d shapes . We needed to think carefully to follow the colour key. This ensured that we had chosen the correct shape for the colour. Then we used our cutting skills to cut out the 2d shapes after that we used our imagination to design a picture using as many of our 2 d shapes as we could.


Year 1 have been working on representing and use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20.

Science - Investigating Materials

We have been investigating Materials in science. We each had a turn to choose an object to investigate and put into our sorting hoops to show which materials are waterproof and which materials are not waterproof.

Class 1 Assembly

Class 1 wanted to say a big thank you for all those adults who took the time to come and watch their first class assembly. It was great for class 1, to show you all the amazing things we have been learning so far this year. We showed our writing, our number skills counting to 100 and we even counted in Spanish. We all spoke loudly and clearly for the adults and children to hear. We had a lovely time thank you for listening.

Year 1 Writing instructions to create a Snowy Owl.

We all made these lovely Snowy Owls. Mrs Whitely liked them so much she wanted to make her own. But she didn't know how to. So Class 1 to the rescue, we all thought very carefully about the things we used and needed to make our owl . Then we had to think back to each step we took to make the owls. We wrote them down as instruction for Mrs Whitely Now she has her own instructions and she can make her own Snowy Owl any time she likes.

DT - Mechanisma and sliders

We have had such good fun this half term in our DT/ SCIENCE Topics. We have used out DT skills to create yet another animal that lives in the Polar Region. It required lots of skill to make them. We were very careful when pushing through our split pins to give the animal movable parts.


In R.E this half term we have been looking at What it means to belong to a Church or Mosque? We have had discussion about the things we all belong to. We have looked how we show we belong to a particular group, such school, gym club , swimming club and rugby clubs. We investigated different signs and symbols and made our own signs for our family groups. Here are an example.


We have been learning about the Polar Regions. We have looked at the animals that live there and even investigated why the animal are all white. We made these lovely Snowy owls following instructions. We are going to write our own instruction so you can make a snowy owl too. Watch this space.

Geography / DT

In class one we are continuing to look at the different types of environments. We studied images of the beach. We all drew a detailed beach scene of our own. Then we used our DT skills to think about how we could adapt our drawings to enable use to create a slider or mechanism for our DT topic. We all chose different things that could move across the beach and drew them on narrow pieces of card. We use scissors to cut a route through card a long the beach. Then we popped our character into this space and made a hole and pushed a split pin through. It was great fun showing our friends the crabs, star fish, donkeys, and even clouds moving across the beach or sky.


Year one had a great day on Thursday investigating in the local area. First we looked at the globe to see which continent we lived in. Then we looked at a map to see what country we live in. After that we looked at google maps to have a look around the towns and cities around England. We had a little look at where we live too. We could point out special building near where we live like ASDA, Morrison's, Bramley Swimming baths, Pudsey park. Then we went on a local walk to see what the buildings were like where we go to school. There are a lot of lovely buildings with interesting features.

We Came to School EveryDay
Christmas party Day

We all brought a little bit of food to share with our friends. We played pass the basket and sleeping logs, musical statues and we also danced to Christmas music.

A Special Visitor

Year 1 had a special visitor this week. They all used their lovely manners when Santa gave them all a gift.

Key stage 1 Christmas Performance

We all had a great time practicing for our annual Christmas performance. We have learnt lots of new songs and we invited our families to come to school to listen to us sing.


Year 1 are looking at Celebrations- We have discussed how lots of celebration are in the dark and lots of colour is often used such as, streamers, fireworks, and candles. We have investigated Light and Dark and how light can travel through some materials but not all materials. We learnt the words translucent, transparent and opaque. We have even had a look at how the Earth moves and suns light shines down on the Earth. We also worked in pairs to create shadow puppets. We soon worked out that if you move the light source back a little the shadow gets bigger.

Peace Week

During Peace Week we have discussed what the word bullying means and how a person may feel if this happened to them. We looked at ourselves and thought about all the good things we offer our friends. We thought of ourselves as a cake and all the lovely ingredients that make the cake. We then looked at an incomplete jigsaw puzzle and thought we could make our own class puzzle. So we all wrote our super qualities on our puzzle pieces and joined them together. We spotted that our puzzle didn’t have corners and straight lines. We discuss this and decided that it was because we were leaving it open to invite other people to join our puzzle.

Year 1 Trip to Leeds City Art Gallery

What a fantastic day Year 1 have had at the Art Gallery. We all walked to the bus stop wearing our high visibility jackets. We waited patiently for the number 72 bus to come. When we arrived at the Gallery we went on a portrait walk. We all looked at the special pictures and sculptures. We talked about each paint and sculpture. Then we had our own pencils and paper to create our own portraits. Some of use drew the portraits of the staff at the Gallery. After this we all made a very big collaborative drawing using charcoal. It was a fabulous day. We even had our lunch at the Gallery before catching the bus back.

Year 1 Recount the story of Elmer

We had great fun putting action to our story. We have learnt a little bit about Pie Corbett who is a brilliant story teller. He uses action to help him remember the stories he tells. We have borrowed some of his action for our Talk for Writing with the Elmer Story.

Geography in Year 1

We have been looking at our local area. We have used the globe, World maps and Google to investigate maps and how to use them. We have all been learning our home address and then finding our house on Google. We have walked down the streets on google giving our friends directions to turn to find our homes. It was amazing to see our house on the big screen. We used our observational skills and drew houses and building of importance to us in our area. We created a Class 1 street with a super market, fire station and even a park. Then we re used our recycling from home to build our own houses. It took great team work to create these lovely homes. Do you like them?

Art - Paint

We had great fun investigating different types of paint. We used water, powder paint and ready mixed paint to investigate how they reacted to water and which types of paint we preferred.

Fun in P.E

Our P.E this half term has been all about balance. We have used the characters form the movie Toy story to work on different types of balance.

Mathematical Vocabulary

This week we have been learning lots of new vocabulary in maths whilst ordering objects on a value line. We can say if something is less than, more than, greater than , smaller than and even fewer than. It was fun estimating and challenging our friends to place the object bags in the correct place on the vocabulary lines.


We have been learning about algorithms in computing. We have been looking at programmable toys Bee Bots. We have had lots of discussions, played games and worked as a team to develop a way of recording an algorithm for the Bee Bots. We have learnt and used lots of different language for direction and preposition. It has been great fun.

Poetry with Colin, Julie and Adam

We have had great fun with our friends Colin, Julie and Adam. We have been looking at difference and how it is ok to be different on the outside as we are all the same on the inside. We have had a fabulous time singing and acting out the story of Elmer.

Music in Year 1

In music we have been making sounds with our bodies and voice. We have been clapping along to the beat of the tunes. We have even been singing songs about horrible pies that make us squirm.

P.E in Year1

We always have great fun in P.E .

Brain Awareness

Class 1 and Class 2 have been learning about the brain and how it works. We have been doing fun activities to use all our senses. We have learnt about learning stars and how we learn. We have made our own learning stars and learning crowns.

Year 1 Balance Ability

Year 1 had great fun exercising their inner core using balance bikes. It was a little tricky to start with but we got the hang of it in the end.

Science All about Me

We have been getting to know our new class and all about our friends and families. We have thought about who we are , where we live, who we live with and what our favourite pass time is and even our favourite things. We made these lovely hot air balloon to hang from the classroom ceiling so all our friends could see them.

Road Safety in Year 1

We have been very lucky to have the Road Safety Team come to school today to help us learn how to cross the road safely.


In year 1 we have begun to look at algorithms. We played a pirate game where we had to give clear instructions to a pirate to find the hidden treasure. We have begun to learn about programming mechanical toys.

Maths in Year 1

We have been having great fun using lots of different things around our classroom to help us sort and group. We have learnt new vocabulary such as : sort, sorted sorting, group , grouped, more , less, share, pair, difference , odd. We have used the new vocabulary to discuss our findings with our friends.

Our Friends Colin , Julie and Adam

We had a lovely day with our friends the Poets. We used the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar to create action songs and poetry. We did such a good job we invited our grown ups from home to come at the end of the day to watch us perform.