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Chess Competition Winners

To finish off our year of learning to play chess, Stephen, our coach, held a competition. Everyone played a set number of games and points were scored for winning and drawing matches. Congratulations to our winners!

Class Treat

We earned our big class treat this week. After a democratic vote we decided to have a split. Some children decided they wanted to watch a film and some wanted to bring wheels to play on. Despite the damp weather we still had fun wheeling around the specially designed track.

Rodley Nature Reserve Trip

Another lovely day out for year three! We had a super day at Rodley Nature Reserve. The staff were really friendly and taught us lots and lots about plants and wildlife. We collected items for our sticky boards, went bird watching and pond dipping

Sports Day

A great day of fun competition for all. Everyone tried their very best. Some people were winners, some people came last but everyone was very supportive and cheered each other one showing great sportsmanship. Well done everyone!

Summer Beach Trip

Purely for educational reasons, year three went to visit North Landing, Flamborough and South Beach, Bridlington. We used our geography skills to observe and compare the two different beaches, made drawings to record what we saw and tie in with a forthcoming art project. We also got to play a bit too! We had a picnic with an ice cream surprise followed by a paddle and fun jumping over the waves. What a great day we all had!

Science: Plants

We have been investigating plants this term. We grew broad beans in the classroom and observed them as they grew to flowering plants. We set up an experiment to see whether plants could survive without air, water, soil or sunlight. We also investigated how water is transported around plants by putting carnations and stocks in blue water with fascinating results. Finally we looked at how plants reproduce then we dissected flowers to locate the different parts.

Race for Life

We had great fun on our annual Race for Life raising lots of money for great causes. We ran at least 2 laps and some of us even managed 5! A great effort by all.

Ancient Shabti Dolls

As part of our Egyptian learning we made Shabtis These are dolls the rich of Ancient Egypt took with them to the afterlife to help tend to their fields. First we made them out of clay. Then we looked at how to mix primary colours to make other colours. Finally, we painted out Shabtis.

Science: Physics: Forces

We investigated what surface would be best for a toy car to drive across. We found out the table was best because it was the smoothest and so had less friction

Growing Plants

Year 3 showed their green fingers recently by planting lots of seeds. Excitingly, they are now starting to sprout.

Author Visit

We were lucky to have the author Stephen Pass in our class today to tell us all about how he created the story of Madge the Mermaid. It is a wonderful story about a boy who goes to stay with his auntie by the seaside and meets a real mermaid. Stephen told us how he began with an idea and the long process to publishing his first book.

Health Week Activities: Science: Muscles

Today we looked at muscles and learned that muscles make our bones move. They work in pairs with one muscle pulling while the other relaxes. We made model arms to help our understanding.

Health Week Activities: Science: Our skeleton.

Combining Health week and science, we looked at what a skeleton is and what it used for. We also thought about what it needs to stay strong and healthy. We tried to make our own skeletons using bones...well, dog biscuits!

Health Week Activities:Skipping

The whole school went skipping today. Here are some pictures of year 3 showing their group skipping skills.

Health Week Activities: Warburton's sandwich making

We had a visit from Warburton's today. They taught us about healthy eating habits and showed us how to make healthy sandwiches. They were very tasty and we looked wonderful in our red hair nets!

The Talent Show

What a talented bunch of performers we have in our class. You were all very brave for for taking the stage and a big well done to you all.

Dogs Trust Visit

We had a visit from the Dogs Trust today. They taught us how to be safe around dogs. We looked at how to spot the signs of danger, how and when to approach a dog[or not].

NSPCC Number Day

To help raise awareness, and cash, for the great work that the NSPCC do we had a Number Day. We wore numbers and had a fun day all about numbers. This was great because we all love maths anyway! We had some great discussions about our favourite numbers, the biggest numbers and we some numbers might be lucky. We made number art and then used rulers to see how we all measured up!

Class Treat

It's not all work work work! Sometimes, when we have earned enough jumps on our reward chart, we get to have a pyjama party and a film. Well deserved!

Science: Physics: Light

We investigated light today, finding out that when we have no light it is dark and we can not see. We went into a dark tent to block out all the light. We could not even see our hands in front of our faces... until we switched on our torch and with light, we could see. We also tried to create shadows and thought about what actually happened to create a shadow.

Year Three Christmas Party

Guess who came to town! We had a great Christmas party today with games, food and a visit from the man in red himself.

Christmas Art Gallery Trip

We were lucky enough to be able to visit Leeds Art Gallery for a winter workshop. We were sent around the gallery looking for festive features hidden within the works of art. We then made decorations for a display inside the gallery. We ARE artists.

Children In Need Day

We had a special visitor in school today that caused much excitement!

Yr3 Synagogue Trip

Yr3 had an interesting trip to the United Hebrew Congregation synagogue in Shadwell. We learnt many facts about this Jewish place of worship and were also able to demonstrate how much we had already learnt too.

Class Three Stone Age Assembly

What a great job year three did with their assembly. It was both informative and entertaining. Well done.

Science Rocks!

Year Three have been investigating rocks. Here they are making careful observations of slate, marble, limestone and granite.

Colin and Julie - Black History - Rosa Parks

Our favourite poets Colin and Julie came and taught us all about the fascinating life of Rosa Parks. They helped us understand the difficulties she faced and her bravery in making a stand - by sitting down. Year three picked up the words and movement quickly and gave a performance at the end of the day. Well done Bethany and Christopher for your on the spot presentations!

Colin and Julie - Black History - Rosa Parks

Here are three videos from year three's performance.

Scooter Training

The road Safety Team returned today to teach us how to scoot safely. We learnt how to use the Green Code with a scooter and went out into the local streets to practice.


We made balloon rockets today. We then discussed how we could make them faster. We had a choice of different variables to change and decided which one we would try. It was lots of fun!

Road Safety Lesson

We had the Road Safety Team in today. They taught all about bring safe when riding in the car. We know we MUST wear a seat belt and a booster seat if we are under 135 cm tall.

Our First PE Lesson

This is our first PE lesson. We have been working on our balance and coordination skills.

School Councillor Speeches and Voting

We have been writing our speeches this week and presenting them to our class mates. On Friday we all voted for our favourite. Congratulations to Evie and Riley - our new class councillors.


Year Three are learning how to play chess. Their enthusiasm is fantastic and they are picking up the moves well.