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Respect and Pride


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Mrs Stott-Moore, Mrs Davies & Miss Hughes

Our Class 4 Mission Statement

Class four is a hardworking, positive and supportive classroom. We will work hard to be independent in our learning, using the hooks and support provided to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be. If we say WE CAN, then WE WILL! However, we all know that if we need the support of our adults, we stay in our seats and raise a quiet hand.

'Our classroom should be full of joy and learning. Children should use a quiet hand and always look at the person who is speaking.'  

The behaviour in class four will be amazing. We will show respect to everyone who enters our classroom and will always remember to look at the person within rather than what is on the outside. We will help each other to make the right choices and will give each other push ups to make everyone love coming to school.

'I believe everyone should be treated equally no matter what. Everyone has the right to learn.' 

In our classroom, you will always be able to see our school motto in action. RESPECT AND PRIDE will be at the heart of everything we do. We will support each other, giving push ups to create a positive learning environment while our work will show pride, as we will always work hard to give our best. Everyone will have the opportunity to be the best they can be and as a class we will make sure that every child has the best chance to succeed. Our classroom equipment will be tided away and we will all share the responsibility for looking after it.

'Most importantly everyone is a team in year four, we work together to make sure everyone can be the best they can be!'   

Because of the hard working and positive atmosphere we are creating in class four, we will receive lots of compliments and treats.  Our team of adults will reward us with class jumps, extra Friday fun time and dips in their prize box when we deserve it. We are all ready for a fabulous year ahead in our kind, caring class!

'I believe that the words SAFETY, LEARNING and RESPECT are important to everyone, so that everyone is happy and smiley.'